First week in the new year.

Well, this week started rather well and ended very well. Tuesday, even with it being the first day back to school was rather enjoyable. I’m not sure at all why, but I just fond i to be a great day. Thigns went downhill from there… don’t really recall why…

Friday went rather well even though I had two hours of sleep the night before… The physics test was really easy, alot easier than I had anticipated. After school I went up to Liberty with Zach and John. the conditions weren’t all the great, but they definatly got better towards the end of the night.

Saturday I went shopping in the morning and then to the dance that night. Not a whole lot of people at the dance, but none the less I had alot of fun…especially towards the end. Today I went over to Kinards with Charley for a few hours to look at some physics stuff and hang out.

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