Play at the Middle School.

Today was an odd day… More or less I got to skip school to help do the play at the middle school. We did threee shows (that brings us to a total of… 7 shows now… awesome). Honsetly I’m starting to get bored with it now though. I was so bored today that I actualy started weaving some random plastic into a ball. Anyway, after those three shows we grabbed lunch and then I headed back to the high school for AP Physics.

After physics I helped finish unloading [the set] from the trailer, got a ride from Emily back to the Middle School so I couldgrab my stuff andn then sat in on Baker’s drama class which was pretty entertaining. After schoool I had to finish my second Crucilble essay. I have a feeling I really screwed up on the tail end of it, but at this point I don’t care. After that Kinard, drove Nichole, Jess, and I to my house for the weekly physics study group. I really am not to sure on what we are doing right nnow. I thought I unerstood it, but the more I get into it the more I realize its not quite as simple as I thought.

The good news: vacation is coming up. And I have to say, its going to be quite interesting…

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