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A brief on the past 10 days…

Okay, so I’m still around… [I didn’t die or anything… hah.] I just haven’t really felt like updating. School has been pretty subdued in the way of homework for the last week or two thanks t midterm preperatiosn and such. Midterms started back on the 18th 19th [thanks brit] and I finished my […]

a seriously good weekend.

This was what you might call the perfect weekend [and a perfect followup to Friday]. Saturday, spent the majority of the day reading Tender is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Honestly, I hated it. Its was not nearly as entertaining as the Great Gatsby and This Side of Paradise had been. […]

friday the 13th…

Today started off badly enough… I got up early to finish homework, had tests in math, enlglish and APUSH… Really don’t think I did particularly well on any of them except the math test. Anyway, from there on things got somewhat better. We played ‘no rules’ speedball in gym. I sware […]

First week in the new year.

Well, this week started rather well and ended very well. Tuesday, even with it being the first day back to school was rather enjoyable. I’m not sure at all why, but I just fond i to be a great day. Thigns went downhill from there… don’t really recall why…
Friday went rather well […]


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