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Another Day…

Today was fairly average, except for the fact I spent like 2 hours trying to figure out how I had gootten one of my physics problems right last night but wrong when I went to copy it from my scrap paper to the ‘final’ of my homework. ah, We also watched what is possible […]

A short vacation.

I just got back from Accident, MD. Its a rather small town outside Deep Creek Lake. I went up friday, I guess we got there around 8:30 or so. Basicly, I did absolutly nothing the entire weekend. I tried to do a little biking there, but we really didn’t make it […]

Busiest week ever…

Yes, this week is by far the busiest I can ever recal. Basicly, I’ve got two essays to do in class for english, three writings to do for APUSH, a small project to do for chem, along with all the regular stuff.
I hate wiritng so much, but I supose I won’t have too much […]

2 Days Down…

Well, the first two days of school are done.
Heres my classes if anyone cares…
Academic Chemistry
Academic English
AP US History
Archetectural Drafting II
AP Physics I
AP Computer I (Java)
I took a test in AP US History today, not too sure how I did, but it was a pretty hard test considering it was multiple choice. I’m going to […]


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