Vulcan a blog type thing. Sat, 14 Jan 2006 04:24:39 +0000 en friday the 13th… Sat, 14 Jan 2006 04:19:53 +0000 Vulcan Blog Today started off badly enough… I got up early to finish homework, had tests in math, enlglish and APUSH… Really don’t think I did particularly well on any of them except the math test. Anyway, from there on things got somewhat better. We played ‘no rules’ speedball in gym. I sware speedball should be a professional sport. I skipped lunch to finish up some research for my paper, then headed to drafting and finished up my physics homework with Nichole and Kinard. Rest of the day went quickly enough, didn’t really acomplish anything in Physics, and I spent all of Java trying to work on physics, go figure. Afterschool I stopped into the library to finish up some stuff in the library.

I then met up with Brittany and two of her friends. After some some time patrolling the halls Brittany, Courtney and I headed to Dinnos. Following that we headed back to the school and I almost got killed (multiple times) by a stampeded of wrestlers. More importantly, Brittany and I are official now. Thus, making this a good day regardless of how it started. I ended the night by heading to the varsity basketball game, which we lost. Now, I’m sitting here… and having nothing to add, this is the end.

First week in the new year. Sun, 08 Jan 2006 21:33:00 +0000 Vulcan Blog Well, this week started rather well and ended very well. Tuesday, even with it being the first day back to school was rather enjoyable. I’m not sure at all why, but I just fond i to be a great day. Thigns went downhill from there… don’t really recall why…

Friday went rather well even though I had two hours of sleep the night before… The physics test was really easy, alot easier than I had anticipated. After school I went up to Liberty with Zach and John. the conditions weren’t all the great, but they definatly got better towards the end of the night.

Saturday I went shopping in the morning and then to the dance that night. Not a whole lot of people at the dance, but none the less I had alot of fun…especially towards the end. Today I went over to Kinards with Charley for a few hours to look at some physics stuff and hang out.

Welcome to the New Year Sun, 01 Jan 2006 14:04:06 +0000 Vulcan Blog So, Welcome to the New.

~31,503,420 seconds remaining in 2006.

The Post-Holiday Wrapup Sat, 31 Dec 2005 19:02:02 +0000 Vulcan Blog Well, Christmas the annual non-denominational-winter-solstice-holiday has come and gone. It was nice to be away from school for awhile, I really needed a break. As usual, my Christmas was kind of busy. We did Christmas at my Moms Christmas eve, I went to my Dads Christmas Morning and then to my Grandmas in the afternoon.

On Tuesday I went to Nicholes house for dinner and to watch Team America, which was halarious. Nichole and Jess made some awesome chicken parmesean… [and I know my chicken parmesean.] haha. After dinner Nchole, Jess and I watched Team America, a sort of spoof on the whole ‘war on terror’ made by the creators of south park. Worth a watch if you need a good laugh, definatly one of those movies that is funnier after you have already seen it.

I really did not acomplish much other than hanging around until the 28th, when I [unfortunatly] started reading This Side Of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I suppose it could be alot worse, but its definatly not as entertaining as a I found The Great Gatsby to be. Its actualy a rather depressing book on the whole… Just about ever ‘up’ has a greater ‘down’ following it. The next book, Tender is the Night will probably be even more depressing, as its about the general decline of a maried couple, and insanty of the wife. I do have to say, Fitzgerald is really quite good at writing about the 1920s society.

Friday Brittany came over to work on the public forums debate and watch a movie. The public forum debate is on wether Inteligent Design should be taught in a science classroom. I see a pretty strong argument on the against side, but the for side is relatively weak from what I can tell. Hopefully we can find someone with a strong [and valid] opinion on the for side. After working on that we wached Cry_Wolf, which to my surprise was a decent movie. Essentialy, the movie puts a twist on the classic story of the boy who cired wolf. More of movie to make you think than to scare you. I had a good time, looking forward to hanging out again sometime.

Now, today really need to get a jump on my APUSH paper about Roosevelt. So far, I’ve really only have a basic idea of what I’m going for. Hopefully this paper turns out better than my last, which was a sort of disaster. Don’t have any plans for tonight so far, but that might change.

Its here. Fri, 23 Dec 2005 00:11:09 +0000 Vulcan Blog Well, finaly… A real break, more than just a few days for once. I’m looking forward to doing nothing for a few days… Looking forward to hanging out with friends and such.

Play at the Middle School. Wed, 21 Dec 2005 03:27:59 +0000 Vulcan Blog Today was an odd day… More or less I got to skip school to help do the play at the middle school. We did threee shows (that brings us to a total of… 7 shows now… awesome). Honsetly I’m starting to get bored with it now though. I was so bored today that I actualy started weaving some random plastic into a ball. Anyway, after those three shows we grabbed lunch and then I headed back to the high school for AP Physics.

After physics I helped finish unloading [the set] from the trailer, got a ride from Emily back to the Middle School so I couldgrab my stuff andn then sat in on Baker’s drama class which was pretty entertaining. After schoool I had to finish my second Crucilble essay. I have a feeling I really screwed up on the tail end of it, but at this point I don’t care. After that Kinard, drove Nichole, Jess, and I to my house for the weekly physics study group. I really am not to sure on what we are doing right nnow. I thought I unerstood it, but the more I get into it the more I realize its not quite as simple as I thought.

The good news: vacation is coming up. And I have to say, its going to be quite interesting…

Yes, I’m still alive. Tue, 20 Dec 2005 02:54:40 +0000 Vulcan Blog So, nothing since the 8th… Just goes to show how freaking boring my life is… haha In all seriousness, I really have not done much lately. Over the weekend I cleaned my rooom… and did something welse that was so exciting I have totaly forhgotten it by now.

Anyway, moving along. today was about an average Monday. Kinda boring, nothing really exciting happened,. except for maybe the Band/Chorus excerpts. Which, rather surprisingly were enjoyable. The band did a version of chorus of the bells which was just awesome. It almost sounded canned (and I mean that in a good way.)

So, afterschoool I met up with Brittany to work on the public forum debate. Turns out the topic changes, so we had to to go to the Library to find out what it was…and thats where the fun begins. So, we walk in and Mrs. Benoski asks “What are you two doing?”, I responded, “Well, we need to do some research for a speech competition.” she shot back “This late in the day?” (with a rather scary stare) I told her we only needed a few minutes and continued on to the computers. Apparently she was still abit suspicious [or she just didn’t want us there.. who knows…] because she managed to notice me pull my cell phone out after about 5 seconds. Go figure, this was after the school day was over. That was pretty much all we accomplished. The good news is that the new topic, weather inteligent design shoudl eb allowed in schoools, is quite good. Though, I addmit I will have a tough time personaly on the pro side. I already have a pretty strong argument against it though.

I did get aroudn to doing some shopping tonight finaly… I still have to finish (erm… start) shopping for my mom some night this week.

This entry sucks, I know. But I’m exhausted and at this point I really don’t care.

Busy. Fri, 09 Dec 2005 03:06:45 +0000 Vulcan Blog Wow, I’ve been extremly busy latley. So… Let me start where I left off.

Last Friday, the second, was the first showing of the play at the school. It went really well, the audience definatly got it. They were laughing by the time the curtain opened. The second show was saturday evening. It did not seem to go quite as well as the first, I’m not exactly sure why. Anyway, I’ve had a great time working on the sets and I’m definatly going to do it again in the future.

Right after the play Saturday night I went to the cast party with everybody. Really I didn’t do much but sit and watch the video from the very first performance of the play which was last Thursday. Emily and I took some time to do some ‘people watching’ and group everyone into groups based on their actions.

This week has went surprisingly well. Even with a general lack of sleep I’ve managed to keep this week atleast somewhat enjoyable. Really nothing happened this week until yesterday, Wednesday. First was the Mock Trial metting, which went quite well. We had two guest attourneys, one of whom was a criminal defense lawyer. After that I headed over to Plum Creek (I think) to do the last road show of the play. It was a little rough, but in general things went okay. I got back from the show around 9:30 and basicly crashed.

Today… About an average Thursday. As usual, right after school I had the weekly Physics studygroup with Nichole, Jess, Nate, and Charley. I guess we did okay as far as gettign thing accomplished. Then again, it could have been much better. Around 5:00 Matt and Jared came over, then we all headed to Bentlys for dinner. Thats about all that happened today of intrest…

Tommorow, I’m hoping to get the day off, thanks to the storm that rolling through tonight. Looks like we could get anywhere from 4″-8″, so there is a good possibility that school will be canceled.

EDIT: no school!

The Play Fri, 02 Dec 2005 03:41:16 +0000 Vulcan Blog Well, today was the first performance of the play, meaning that I basicly got to skip school. Came in dressed gothic style… I definatly think I got a few odd looks in homeroom.. haha, I ducked out of homeroom early and headed to the auditorium. There really wasn’t much point to that because I basicly sat there for 10 minutes waiting for Mr. Morris to show up. The loading and all wasn’t too eventful, basicly Stotsky, Morris and I loaded alot of stuff then durring seccond period we got some extra help from his class. I think we had the majority of it loaded by the end of second period.

So, we got everything loaded and headed out. First we (Stotski, Brandy, Morris and I now) stopped at Mcdonalds for brakefast. We then continued on to Bretheren Home we ended up getting there around 10:30 or so. After we got there it was just the reverse of what we did at the school. As far as the actual performance goes… It could have been worse, and its not that the cast did bad.. they did fine. Really all the issues we had were technical. First of all the Cd player got some fake snow in it and started refusing to read Cds. that was sort of a major issue, but I was able to fix it before the dance scene. The next ‘little issue was the bed, and the fact that one of the supports broke, causign the bttom to basicly crack in half. Eddy stuck with it though, and managed to make it through the show. We also had a bit a trouble with the door at the end, but oh well.

Dissaembly and reloading were alot easier thanks to the help from the cast. I also took lead in organizing the loading of everything which was ind of interesting. After everything was loaded I Morris went back on his own with the truck abnd I went back with the Cast. We stopepd for dinner at Taco Bell and hung out there for a bit.

Right after we got back Jess and Nichole came over a for a while to work on physics. We really didn’t make it that far, today was just a bad day for workign on physics. The good news is that we were given an extension.

and its not so bad Thu, 01 Dec 2005 04:22:51 +0000 Vulcan Blog Even though this week was short (we had off monday) its been, or atleast started out rather badly. I have had a rather large workload with Physics homework, an APUSH paper, and various other stuff. Normaly this would be no problem, but due to play preperations I would have only had around 8 hours total to work on that stuff over the entire week.

So, Monday night.. I could not fall asleep, and then had to get up early to finsh homework. I think I may have gotten 4 hours of sleep. That pretty much set the tone for the rest of the day. I was dead tired and the day proceeded raher slowly, atleast until 9th period when I decided it wasn’t a good day for drafting and moved up a row to talk with Nichole. And.. That reminds me of something totaly unrelated which I will touch on later… Next came Physics, easily the highlight of the day. I managed to beat Grant (aka JS2) on the test, meaning I get $5.00. For the uninformed, Grant and I have a little bet going between us. Whoever gets the higher score gets 5.00 from the other. Ammusingly I belive we are tied at the moment 1-1 and a tie. As usual, we got into our groups (Jess, Nichole and I) to figure out what exactly went wrong on the test. I belive we also discussed the erm… certain group of people in drafting/studyhall with Nichole and I. …which ties into the previously mentioned ’something’. Anyway, on the topic of the test, I managed to make two rather stupid mistakes. One, there was a question talking about mass and I had interpreted it as weight. Two, there was a question which gave velocities in KM/H and time in seconds, needless to say I failed to convert the units. Still, a 23/25 is quite acceptable in my books.

After school I webnt to the play rehersal, finished up a few things and then sat and watched. As many times as I have seen the play, I still find it rather amusing. after the first practice I went to Mcdonalds with Emily, Jess, Stotsky and then we came back for the second rehersal. Both of them went pretty well if I recal correctly. I got home around 8:45, which sucked.

Today, probably a slightly better day than yesterday but it still was a lousy day. Started off by me waking up late because I apparently turned off my alarm totaly at some point. I rushed to get ready and made it to school on time. Again, today proceeded rather slowly. Things picked up, or atleast got a little more interesting during 9th period again thanks to that ceratin group of people and a little gift exchange. And yes, I sware I will get to the ’something’ I have mentioned twice before. Moving along, Physics was really slow… I really don’t see any point to explain further than that. Java was well… bad. The one thign I did forget to menton was that I succeeded in getting an extension on my APUSH paper, and not only for me, everyone has an extension now.

I was actualy kind of dreading going to the mock trial meeting today, but it turned out to be alright. We basicly split into he appropiate defense/prosecution groups and worked on what information we need to pull from our witnesses initialy. I also suggested that we develop a timeline or chronology to ensure we have the proper order for the events. I’ll probably take some time tnogiht (or not) to work that out. The order of events is, in my opion, quite important to what exactly needs to be argued and in addition it allows us to trip up our opposition should they have the events in the wrong order. Imediatly following the MT meeting I heded down to assist with the play. Generaly I spent most of the time watching. I think the play really pretty good, in any case its too late to turn back now. hahaha. After the first rehersal I went to subway with Emily. (note to self: you owe her $5.00) The second rehersal also went quite well, even better than the first. I got home around 8:20, talked to some people for a few minutes, watched House, and here I am now, wasting my time writing this. Tommow I will be going to Bretheren Home to help with moving the set and everything. I get out of school, but for me its never a good thing to miss school.

Now, for that ’something’. There is one thing that drives me absolutly crazy/insane/(insert other synonym here), and that is stupidity. No, I’m not talking about getting a bad grade on a test or people that just aren’t terribly sharp. That certain group I refered to earlier is made up of three people, each with their own unique ‘properties’. Together they are just absolutly halarious to watch and at some point I hope to give a full description of each of them at some point. At tjhe moment I am too tired. Just about everythign ‘they’ do either makes me cringe or makes me want to laugh histaricly because its so sad. I just about flipped out yesterday (or maybe today), after the two girls were having what appeares to be a sort of animal noise competition. After that the one girl turned and said “We’re weird” and I reaaaly wanted to say “No, your ****ing stupid”. I know I could have gotten away with it too. hahaha, glad thats out of my system for the moment.

Back to the present… Its getting late so I’m going to cut this a bit short. I congratulate anyone who actualy managed to read this entire enrty. It is by far the largest I have ever written and its written in a very odd way. I suppose odd could be either good or bad, its your call. By the way, if you did make it this far, feel free to leave me a comment. hahaha.

too many variables
far too complicated.
my logic fails me now
this situation.
too many wrong answers
can’t risk what I have.
so I don’t make a move
the biggest mistake of all.

(and no, thats not about physics… haha)