friday the 13th…

Today started off badly enough… I got up early to finish homework, had tests in math, enlglish and APUSH… Really don’t think I did particularly well on any of them except the math test. Anyway, from there on things got somewhat better. We played ‘no rules’ speedball in gym. I sware speedball should be a professional sport. I skipped lunch to finish up some research for my paper, then headed to drafting and finished up my physics homework with Nichole and Kinard. Rest of the day went quickly enough, didn’t really acomplish anything in Physics, and I spent all of Java trying to work on physics, go figure. Afterschool I stopped into the library to finish up some stuff in the library.

I then met up with Brittany and two of her friends. After some some time patrolling the halls Brittany, Courtney and I headed to Dinnos. Following that we headed back to the school and I almost got killed (multiple times) by a stampeded of wrestlers. More importantly, Brittany and I are official now. Thus, making this a good day regardless of how it started. I ended the night by heading to the varsity basketball game, which we lost. Now, I’m sitting here… and having nothing to add, this is the end.

First week in the new year.

Well, this week started rather well and ended very well. Tuesday, even with it being the first day back to school was rather enjoyable. I’m not sure at all why, but I just fond i to be a great day. Thigns went downhill from there… don’t really recall why…

Friday went rather well even though I had two hours of sleep the night before… The physics test was really easy, alot easier than I had anticipated. After school I went up to Liberty with Zach and John. the conditions weren’t all the great, but they definatly got better towards the end of the night.

Saturday I went shopping in the morning and then to the dance that night. Not a whole lot of people at the dance, but none the less I had alot of fun…especially towards the end. Today I went over to Kinards with Charley for a few hours to look at some physics stuff and hang out. fbs mt4 download

Welcome to the New Year

So, Welcome to the New.

~31,503,420 seconds remaining in 2006.

The Post-Holiday Wrapup

Well, Christmas the annual non-denominational-winter-solstice-holiday has come and gone. It was nice to be away from school for awhile, I really needed a break. As usual, my Christmas was kind of busy. We did Christmas at my Moms Christmas eve, I went to my Dads Christmas Morning and then to my Grandmas in the afternoon.

On Tuesday I went to Nicholes house for dinner and to watch Team America, which was halarious. Nichole and Jess made some awesome chicken parmesean… [and I know my chicken parmesean.] haha. After dinner Nchole, Jess and I watched Team America, a sort of spoof on the whole ‘war on terror’ made by the creators of south park. Worth a watch if you need a good laugh, definatly one of those movies that is funnier after you have already seen it.

I really did not acomplish much other than hanging around until the 28th, when I [unfortunatly] started reading This Side Of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I suppose it could be alot worse, but its definatly not as entertaining as a I found The Great Gatsby to be. Its actualy a rather depressing book on the whole… Just about ever ‘up’ has a greater ‘down’ following it. The next book, Tender is the Night will probably be even more depressing, as its about the general decline of a maried couple, and insanty of the wife. I do have to say, Fitzgerald is really quite good at writing about the 1920s society.

Friday Brittany came over to work on the public forums debate and watch a movie. The public forum debate is on wether Inteligent Design should be taught in a science classroom. I see a pretty strong argument on the against side, but the for side is relatively weak from what I can tell. Hopefully we can find someone with a strong [and valid] opinion on the for side. After working on that we wached Cry_Wolf, which to my surprise was a decent movie. Essentialy, the movie puts a twist on the classic story of the boy who cired wolf. More of movie to make you think than to scare you. I had a good time, looking forward to hanging out again sometime.

Now, today really need to get a jump on my APUSH paper about Roosevelt. So far, I’ve really only have a basic idea of what I’m going for. Hopefully this paper turns out better than my last, which was a sort of disaster. Don’t have any plans for tonight so far, but that might change.